Date Summary
2012-04-12 PI conference call to update project progress.
2012-03-26 PI meeting at Texas Children (Houston). Discussion of sample collection, progress report from P1, P2, P3, and data integration. Discussion on future goals, manuscripts, etc.
2012-02-27 PI Conference call. Report progress, and next meeting at Houston on March 26, tentatively
2011-12-22 additional 37 samples shipped to Baylor and currently in the queue
2011-10-13 Conference call of PIs, sample shipping, tissue images, histology report, CPRIT renewal
2011-10-10 Another 15 samples (with 14 matching normals) shipped from Ohio. Total of 54 samples received.
2011-10-04 Investigators (Drs Dolores Lopez-Terrada, Gail Tomlinson, and Rebecca Meyers attend the International Pediatric Liver Malignancies Meeting at the Institute Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, Paris, France
2011-09-01 web-site released.
2011-08-29 Investigator meeting at Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX. Progress report and research planning for next year.
2011-04-08 Finalization of approval of AHEP11B1 protocol by CTEP, NIH
2011-03-24 Investigators meeting, Children's Oncology Group meeting, Los Angeles, CA
2011-03-01 Inventory of C.O.G. specimens at CHTN Biorepository reviewed
2011-02-28 Second Investigators Meeting at GCCRI, 2nd Floor classroom, San Antonio, TX
2010-12-20 2nd shipment of TLT samples to BCM
2010-09-29 First pair of normal/tumor has been labeled: TLT-D-001-LV TLT-D-001-TT We are on the way to reach our targeted 100 tumor samples: TLT-x-100-TT!
2010-09-28 IRB protocol (ESP1:H-27664) we submitted to BCM for Project 1 has been approved. Protocol number: H-27664 Protocol title : Expression and microRNA Profling of Hepatoblastoma. IRB contact email:
2010-09-23 First meeting after grant awarded at COG Meeting, Dallas, TX